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When it come to live music, Big Shot Concerts’ mantra is simple: If it rocks, rolls, hips, hops, pops, raps, gets jazzy, sings the blues, twangs or makes noise on stage, we’ll cover it. Our team of photographers and writers is dedicated to delivering live music photography and concert reviews to fans of all genres of music. Sometimes we get to shoot three songs from the photo pit. Sometimes fewer. Sometimes we’re forced to stand at the opposite end of the stage by the soundboard. Sometimes we get kicked in the head by crowd surfers. No matter the location or situation, Big Shot Concerts will capture the raw energy of a band’s performance on stage and post those concert images so the shows can live on forever.

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  1. alexa casey says:

    awesome…great shots…WOW..you have an amazing eye….love checking out these pics!! let me know about Made in America….

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