Deftones Concert — Perfect Vodka Amphitheatre

Deftones have never been the kind of band to just walk out on stage and ease into a performance. Their concert at Perfect Vodka Amphitheatre in West Palm Beach, Florida was no exception. The moment Deftones took the stage they began walloping the crowd with a thrashing set of tunes that got everyone in the venue all fired up.

There can never be any question that frontman Chino Moreno loves to attack the songs he sings with plenty of bravado. Heavy numbers like “Rocket Skates” and “When Girls Telephone Boys” showcased his penchant for the aggressive. Of course, true fans know he’s not just a one-dimensional lead singer.

His transition from scream to serene was seamless. When he sang “Sextape,” it felt as if he was sharing something intimate and private with everyone in attendance. “Swerve City” was another great example of how easily he can hit head on a wide range of vocal dynamics.

As he does at every concert, Chino Moreno swung, twirled and wrapped the microphone cord around his neck. It was classic Deftones.

Guitarist Stephen Carpenter unleashed a flurry of riffs, shredding through the songs with deft and nimble fingers. In true rock star fashion, he shook his head relentlessly, sending his hair flying and cloaking his face virtually the entire performance. Frank Delgado played the keyboard and used audio samples to scratch, manipulate and construct sound recordings into the songs. Sergio Vega thumped his bass, mugged for the fans and owned the low end. Stick man Abe Cunningham pounded his drums with fervent passion and extreme intensity. His steady beat triggered an avalanche of rhythmic precision, leaving little doubt as to why he’s the backbone of the band.

Seeing a Deftones concert is kind of like being in a head-on collision where nobody gets hurt. You get hit hard by the music and might even suffer a little whiplash trying to keep up with the guys on stage — but it’s the kind of concert experience everyone wants more of. And then some more.

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