Gemini Syndrome Concert at Culture Room

With the weekend upon them, Synners congregated at the Culture Room to rock out with Gemini Syndrome in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Core members, vocalist Aaron Nordstrom, drummer Brian Steele Medina and bassist Alessandro “AP” Paveri, showed a duality between metal and melodic during their performance.

As the houselights dimmed, Brian Steele Medina stood above his drum kit, looming larger than life. His silhouetted figure was the focal point of the stage as he went thru his customary pre-concert prayer ritual. Through a billowy haze of smoke and jarring hum of instruments, the rest of the band emerged on stage. Cloaked in a hood and color swatch of tattoos, bassist Alessandro “AP” Paveri thumped out thunderous chords that were enhanced by every fist-pumping fan. Aaron Nordstrom’s vocals were hypnotic at all ranges, and he easily captivated the crowd with his mysterious stage presence. His white dreads flowed through heavy washes of blue and red lighting, matching the brooding mood filling the venue. Lyrics inspired by the secretive Illuminati were all well known by the Synners who cheered with wild approval. Brian Steele Medina kept the beat of the concert going with wild animated precision. He tossed sticks between fills and cymbal crashes, giving fans the equivalent of a drum solo in every song.

Though guitarists Mike Salerno and Rich Juzwick are no longer with the band, Gemini Syndrome still brings together a great show with two new touring axe slingers. Their latest single “Eternity” was released on August 14th, 2015 and premiered on Sirius XM Octane. By the end of the set, that’s exactly what the appreciative fans wanted — an eternity with the guys who love to play live. But they had to settle for a set that lasted just over an hour.

Luckily, every minute of the Gemini Syndrome concert was pure rock and roll. There wasn’t a single fan left in the “Basement.” But every one got sprinkled with “Stardust.”

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