Monster Energy Fort Rock 2015 — Main Stage North

For the past two years Monster Energy Fort Rock has been kicking off the World’s Loudest Month at JetBlue Park in Fort Myers, Florida. And each year has brought bigger bands and attracted more new fans. This year’s lineup was so impressive that two main stages were used to showcase all the talented artists.

Here’s how the concert went down on Main Stage North:

ReverbNation winners, Solice, opened South Florida’s Biggest Rock Festival with a hard-hitting set that fired up the crowd. This band from Texas played with big hearts and rocked out catchy tunes that the fans got excited about.

’68 is a two-piece outfit, but they rock out like a great big band. Their set at Fort Rock was part musical performance sprinkled with a good dose of comedic self-deprecating humor. They made a point of letting the fans know they were not AC/DC. Didn’t matter though, they still entertained with plenty of high-voltage excitement.

Young Guns came over from Jolly Old England to electrify fans with an energetic performance that included tunes from their brand new album, Bones. These lads showed they have all the musical chops necessary to win new fans the world over.

Starset sent out a rockin’ transmission that was well received by the fans attending Monster Energy Fort Rock festival. Donning the latest space age attire, this band put on an out-of-this world concert that launched them into orbit above JetBlue Park in Fort Myers, Florida.

Love addicts Vamps brought their Blood Sucker tour to the stage at Fort Rock. This Japanese band set a frenetic pace that only got faster as their concert progressed. Young fans squealed with excitement for these guys — and they responded with a set that bit the sunburned necks of everyone near the stage.

Taylor Momsen is like a sexy siren that can easily lure any concertgoer to the stage. And that’s exactly what she did during The Pretty Reckless set at South Florida’s Biggest Rock Festival. Catchy tunes and stage antics laced with plenty of suggestive innuendos were all played up like a scene from a movie, with Taylor Momsen in the starring role.

Fort Rock veterans Papa Roach are never a last resort when it comes to must-see bands during the World’s Loudest Month. These Californians could easily get away with murder, as they had fans leaning over the barricades to get as close to them as possible. Jacoby Shaddix, Jerry Horton, Tobin Esperance and Tony Palermo are touring in support of F.E.A.R., and the audience faced the music with open arms.

Slipknot capped off an incredible day of live music with a headlining performance that did not go gently into that good night. These masked metallers opened with “Sarcastrophe” and then spit it out for all the negative ones in the crowd. The sweltering heat from the day lingered in the air, providing the perfect ambiance for tunes like “The Heretic Anthem” and “The Devil In I” to end Monster Energy Fort Rock 2015 in a rowdy way.

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  1. Julie says:

    It was nice meeting you at Fort Rock. Killer pics! I am so sunburned but it was so worth it. I love this festival.

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