Mushroomhead Concert at the Culture Room

Mushroomhead popped up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on October 10, 2015, for a night of metal mayhem with hardcore MRH fans at the Culture Room.

The Mushroomhead concert began the usual way … with the beating of water drums. Flanking both sides of the stage, these specially rigged floor toms shine light from below on water spraying above from a continuous pounding by drum sticks. It’s a dramatic effect made famous by the band. Anyone even remotely familiar with these guys from Cleveland know one thing for sure — you’re going to get wet on this rock and roll ride.

Besides getting drenched by H2O, the fans also got to soak up a visually stunning live show. With a flair for the theatrical, Mushroomhead delivered an over-the-top concert event that was one great big adrenaline rush. Though masks conceal their identities, they can’t hide talent. These musicians are showmen, and their live experience is a juggernaut of musical madness that assaults the eyes and ears.

These shows also encourage audience participation — from the pit. Moshers of all shapes and sizes dove into a sea of bodies swirling with physical intensity just to prove they could rage to the music. Despite some in the crowd getting checked with the fierceness of a defensive lineman and knocked to the floor, it was all in good fun. No altercations resulted from the carnage and everyone raised their horns in honor of Mushroomhead.

Mushroomhead has a penchant for playing smaller venues to better connect with the fans. During this show, there could be little doubt everyone felt like they were in the center of a great big vat of industrial metal — or on the tip of something …

Big Shot Concerts was at the Culture Room to provide live music photography and review the Mushroomhead concert.

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