Steel Panther at the Culture Room

Steel Panther lubed up their Supersonic Sex Machine and slid into the Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for a night of sweaty raunch and roll.

The bands’s reputation for partying like tomorrow is the end of the world precedes them. But they never let living in excess get in the way of their playing. When these guys take the stage, they perform like they’ve never seen the bottom of a whiskey bottle or done lines off strippers’ “enhancements.” Actually, Steel Panther is a fun-loving foursome made up of immensely talented musicians with long hair, tattoos and spandex. All of which qualifies them to be rock stars.

Every member of Steel Panther is the best at what he does. Michael Starr is the best blonde singer. Lexxi Foxx is the tallest bass player. Stix Zadinia is the best skin beater. And Satchel, well according to him, he’s the best at everything — even the guitar. Their show was much more than a great night of original music that pokes fun at the decadent 80s. In fact, they go out of their way to praise the era. Their way of playing tunes is much more original and entertaining than many of the bands who sprayed their hair on the Sunset Strip.

Fanthers at this sold-out show got much more than a great night of balls out rock and roll. They were also treated to a night of blue comedy and hefty insults lobbed at bandmates and concert goers. It was all in good fun … unless you were Tiger Woods or a girl from Oklahoma.

The Steel Panther concert ended with the usual debauchery and reckless behavior. There were 17 girls (or more) on stage who eagerly waited for their chance to get backstage and give the guys all they can eat. Of course, the babes wanted to sink some summer sausage as well. When the groupies got off their knees and put their clothes back on, everyone headed over to Lexxi’s Mom’s garage for the afterparty.

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