Steel Panther

I ended 2012 with a wham, glam, metal jam courtesy of Steel Panther. Their Jingle Balls concert at the Royal Oak Music Theatre in Royal Oak, Michigan was loud, bawdy and salacious. If you like your songs laced with sexual innuendoes and suggestive lyrics, go see some other spandex-wearing band — Steel Panther makes it blatantly obvious what they have on their minds. These talented musicians are straight out of the decadent 80s, complete with a thick fog of Aqua Net hanging over the stage.

I was going to stop after posting 17 photos in a row … but I decided to indulge and post another one. I’m sure Steel Panther will appreciate my being more excessive than necessary.

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    • Hurley — These guys are better than most things from the 80s. I’d love to rock on with these guys every night of their tour. They’re kick-ass musicians, a blast to shoot and have great interaction with the fans.

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